Routes exists to create compassionate, joyful and welcoming spaces for learning and growth. We believe that a connected society is a stronger, kinder and more resilient one. Through the Routes Community, we support women with experience of seeking safety in the UK to grow in confidence, build relationships and access opportunities.  Through our Mentoring Programme and Leadership Training, we work across sectors to develop compassionate, purposeful and authentic professional leaders.

The Routes Mentoring Programme is a four-month programme supporting women with experience seeking safety to achieve their personal and professional goals. Over 10 hours of 1:1 mentoring from another woman, mentees will receive support and championing in the areas of education, employment, confidence or communication skills. Mentees will also be invited to join skills workshops and connect with other women on the programme. We use an inclusive definition of the word women, which includes cisgender and transgender women. We also welcome non-binary people who feel comfortable within our work and who have experience of being read as a woman.



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