Racial Equality

Afro Innovation Group (AIG) is a BAME-led registered charity which has operated in the city of Leicester since 2006.


We are a charity working in the field of Race Equality, bringing expertise in anti-discrimination work and specialisation in asylum and refugee welfare matters. We also give special social, cultural, moral, and practical support to groups and develop projects where needed.


Care4Calais in LCR
Reg’d Charity #1169048 (UK) #W626003482 (France)
Please contact
Regional Lead Simon Petty
t 07984 228894 (WhatsApp)

We support any pre status asylum seeker in need but those who arrive irregularly have our focus.

Local Provision

Drop In Venues
All Saints Church; L6 3AB
Every Saturday (1030am to 1:30pm)
Yemeni Community Centre; L8 0XA
Evrry 1st Saturday (1030am to 1:30pm)
Registered Trussell Trust Agent;
Distributions of material direct aid;
Bike Project; long waiting list;
Signposting/advocacy; Legal/medical/well-being – sports etc/accommodation issues



Telephone 07984228894

Charity committed to eliminating discrimination and harassment surrounding the nine protected characteristics (Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage and civil partnership, Pregnancy and maternity, Race, Religion or belief, Sex & Sexual orientation) as set out by the Equality Act 2010. Facebook: CSREC01 - Twitter: CSREC01


Telephone 01324610950

Strategic racial equality charity, focused on working to eliminate racial discrimination and harassment and promote racial justice across Scotland. Key role in advocating, campaigning, and influencing developments to promote racial equality. Responding to a broad range of interests to make an impact upon deep rooted issues.


Telephone 01414186530

Council of British Pakistanis (Scotland)

Charitable grassroots organisation for ethnic minority communities across Scotland. We work with institutions that have a dual function as employers and service providers to develop and adapt policies and procedures to encourage employment of ethnic minorities in the mainstream and improve service provision to them.


Telephone 01315579262

ELREC exists to promote equality and to fight all forms of prejudice. We believe that no one can claim to live in a fair and just society whilst prejudice and inequalities exist. ELREC will work jointly with our beneficiaries and partners to challenge injustice and dismantle barriers which deny individuals and communities equal access to life opportunities in Edinburgh & Lothians. Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC), founded in 1971, is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity made up of individual members and representatives from a wide range of organisations. ELREC has a remit to work across the areas of City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian Councils.


Telephone 01315560441

Work towards eliminating discrimination. Community projects, educational outreach (to raise awareness about bullying and discrimination in schools and hate crime among young people),  social research (Barriers of Poverty and Inequality on local African, Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic groups), support and advice services for victims of discrimination. (e.g energy savings).


Telephone 01315560441

Advice and support against discrimination at work, using or accessing services, premises issues and education. NB: Not legal help. If unable to advise, referrals to other organisations are made. Opening hours: every week day 9am-7pm. Saturday 10am-2pm. Facebook: EASSHelpline



Telephone 08088000082

Casework; Counselling; Interpreting & Translation; Training & Research; Language Cafes; Anne Frank Awards; Forums & Networks; Community Engagement; Equality & Diversity


Telephone 01224595505

Holistic support for the rehabilitation of BME individuals dealing with incarceration in the UK. Practical support (admin, appointments, hearings), interpretation, mentoring/befriending, assistance on housing and benefits, education and training, family support, signposting to specialist agencies. Support during transition back into the community, on returns and resettlement, and through detention.


Telephone 02076974120

The STUC represents over 500, 000 trade unionists, the members of 37 affiliated Trade Unions and approximately 20 Trades Union Councils. We speak for members in and out of work, in the community and the workplace, across all sectors, against discrimination in the workplace and in society.


Telephone 01413328100

Anti-racism educational charity, combatting racism through enabling role models, who are predominately but not exclusively footballers, to present an anti-racist message to young people and others, producing educational resources, and developing activities to encourage people, including young people, to challenge racism


Telephone 01413531199

WSREC is governed and run by minority ethnic communities, and aims to eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality, promote human rights and good relations between all communities. Projects address service needs and gaps amongst BME communities in the West of Scotland. Facebook: wsrec123 - Twitter: wsrec



Telephone 01413376627

Wirral Change provide a range of services to support disadvantaged, Black, Asian, European and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in Wirral.


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