We provide housing and support services to over 1200 tenants and owners in and around Oban and many of the islands of Argyll. We have a new build development programme alongside our refurbishment and improvement programme for existing stock.

We have 819 homes across the Lorn area and the inner Hebridean islands, a fairly widespread area which presents many challenges in terms of providing affordable housing and ensuring the provision of a quality housing management and technical service. In addition to this, we manage a further 248 properties in the Oban area on behalf of Link. This will increase to over 330 properties when Dunbeg Phase 3 is complete


Telephone 01631 566451

Founded in 1965, West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) strives to be more than just a landlord.

What sets us apart is the way in which we go further to improve the lives of our tenants, innovatively responding to your needs as your lives change.

We provide around 4,200 homes across the West of Scotland and go further to provide housing you can call home.

We have a wide range of homes to suit you at every stage of your life including tenemental flats, family homes, amenity properties and sheltered housing.


Telephone 0141 550 5600

Committed to providing excellent housing
and services to our members, residents and service users.


Telephone 0141 641 8628

Following a productive period of consultation and collaboration, Weslo Housing Management tenants, customers and staff have successfully transferred into Link Group


Telephone 0150 663 9168

‘Better homes, better lives’ is at the heart of everything we do. 
We’re Scotland’s biggest social landlord with more than 40,000 homes across Glasgow.
But building great homes and transforming neighbourhoods is only part of our story – we’re also helping tenants to get the most out of life.


Telephone 8004797979

Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association Ltd. is a Charity Registered in Scotland, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and the Scottish Housing Regulator, and controlled by a Committee of Management which includes local tenants and home owners.

We now have just over 1300 properties for rent.  We have a variety of housing types located in Whiteinch and Scotstoun.


Telephone 0141 959 2552

Williamsburgh Housing Association is one of the largest Housing Associations in Renfrewshire.

Williamsburgh initially set up to co-ordinate the improvement of sub-tolerable tenements in the east end of Paisley, the Association’s role has developed and expanded and we now provide over 1639 homes to our community.

Our 40+ year history has seen our organisation mature into a key player in building homes and communities by providing quality housing for rent, and injecting millions of pounds into the local economy through our housing management, development, and maintenance work.


Telephone 0141 887 8613

Our primary social rented offer includes general needs housing for households of all ages and housing for older people. In addition, we provide some mid-market homes and shared ownership. We also act as a property manager for homeowners and sharing owners in areas where we have an interest.

Wishaw and District Housing manages just under 1000 general needs rented homes with a further 40 co-owned homes and a factoring service provided to almost 400 households. The housing stock is spread tightly across North Lanarkshire with over half the stock in and around Wishaw with other stock within the areas of Pather, Craigneuk, Flemington, Muirhouse, Newmains, Shotts and Harthill.


Telephone 01698-377200

Yoker Housing Association Ltd is a Registered Social Landlord operating in Yoker in the West of Glasgow. The Association’s main aim is to help sustain the community of Yoker through the provision of good quality, affordable housing and housing related services to those in the greatest housing need.

The Association’s properties are primarily located along the Dumbarton Road corridor.

The Association has approximately:

270 one bedroom properties
230 two bedroom properties
110 three bedroom properties
20 four bedroom properties


Telephone 0141 950 9050

Yorkhill Housing Association Ltd is a small community based organisation with charitable status operating in the West End of Glasgow. It was first established in 1977 by a group of local residents who were anxious to improve the standard of local homes with the assistance of significant grant funding from central and local governments.

Today the Association owns 456 tenement flats and manages a further 506 units on behalf of owners. It is still managed by a voluntary committee of local residents and interested parties elected by the membership. The area of operations is compact, stretching west between Argyle Street at Kelvinhaugh Street and Argyle Street at Bunhouse Road.


Telephone 0141 285 7910 

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